"I'm Running for City Council"


"While we all feel disheartened and frustrated by the results of the Presidential election, we must not waste any time wallowing in our fears and concerns. We must get up and work harder, stand up and fight stronger and we must all find the places we can be most effective fighting for the causes and issues in which we believe and against injustice everywhere.

For me, I believe I can be most effective working for you in the City Council -- and that's why I've formed a committee to run in the Special Election to represent Central Harlem.

I hope you will join our campaign as a Founding Member to fight back and make our voices heard. Together we can make a difference. Your support and contribution today will help make it possible – and this possibility really is as important as it is exciting."





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    The NYC Progressive Caucus Alliance Endorses Bill Perkins

    Progressive_Caucus_Small_Logo_400x400.jpg"Bill Perkins has been a progressive champion throughout his legislative career, in the City Council and the State Senate. On issue after issue – affordable housing and tenants’ rights, economic justice, criminal justice, the environment, women’s, LGBTQ, and immigrants’ rights – he has shown leadership in the fight for a better, fairer New York.

    Perkins’ successful sponsorship of the Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Act of 2004 – the strongest law in the country to protect children from the deadly effects of lead in their homes, over the objections of real estate lobbyists, initial resistance in the City Council, and a veto from Mayor Bloomberg – was one of the inspirations for the creation of the Progressive Caucus. His courage in that fight made a meaningful difference in the lives of many low-income children, and demonstrated the kind of leadership that we aspire to. 


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