504 Democrats Endorse Perkins

217.jpgCiting his courage, independence and integrity, the 504 Democratic Club, a New York City-based coalition of Democrats working towards inclusion of people with disabilities in the political and social fabric of society, has endorsed City Councilman Bill Perkins for re-election.

“Bill Perkins has fought to knock down barriers and end discrimination, and been a strong and reliable friend to the disabled community” said Edith Prentiss, President of the 504 Democratic Club. “He has fought tirelessly to advance equality, basic justice and fairness and doesn’t hesitate to speak truth to power. He takes on the tough fights that others shy away from and speaks out for those too often ignored. And with Donald Trump in the White House, we need that now more than ever. We are proud to enthusiastically support Bill Perkins and will work hard to make sure he wins.” 

"I'm excited by this endorsement," said Councilman Bill Perkins. "Every day, we are gaining strength as new people and groups join our campaign. I want to thank the 504 Democratic Club for their advocacy and for their support. I look forward to working with them to win this campaign. Together, we can make a difference for families today, and for generations to come."