Perkins Announces Task Force to Establish Harlem LGBT Center

State Senator Bill Perkins today announced that he was forming a task force to plan, coordinate and establish the LGBT Harlem Center. The Mayor's office, government officials, elected representatives, business and community leaders will be invited to participate on this Task Force.

The task force was an outgrowth of recent meetings with the NYC LGBT Equality Coalition, which is a coalition of Black and Latino NYC LGBT organizations and leaders.

"The Task Force's goal will be to put the pieces in place to turn the dream of a Harlem LGBT Center into a reality within the next year," said Perkins. "With the growing LGBT population in Harlem, there is a great need to provide a community pride center to serve the diverse needs of our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community uptown. It will provide a safe place and positive role models for youth, a comfort zone for seniors and a center of activity and services for all. This LGBT Center is in Harlem an overdue idea we must make happen."

John Felton Keith, spokesperson for the NYC LGBT Equality Coalition stated, "We thank the Senator for his current efforts to insure that there will be a Harlem LGBT Center very soon. We also applaud the Senator for his past record of fighting for the LGBT community, and also insisting that Black and Latino members of the LGBT community be recognized and given their fair share of resources allocated for LGBT concerns"