UFT Endorses Bill Perkins

UFT_Rally.jpgPraising his courage, commitment and leadership, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) announced its endorsement of Bill Perkins for re-election to the City Council, District #9. Last week, Councilman Perkins was endorsed by 1199SEIU and he has previously been endorsed by 32BJ, RWDSU, CWA Local 1, UAW, Professional Staff Congress and the Doctors Council SEIU.  

"The UFT endorsed Bill Perkins because he is a tireless advocate for New York City students, parents and teachers. He has worked to bring resources to our schools and is not afraid to stand up and fight for our children and our communities,” said Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers. “We need that kind of voice and leadership on the City Council.”

“Education is the key to New York’s future,” said Councilman Bill Perkins. “It was my salvation and I’ve fought to make sure every public school student receives the best education possible, and the opportunity to succeed. I’m honored to receive the endorsement of our hardworking teachers and dedicated school staff. I thank Michael Mulgrew and the 200,000 members of the UFT for the work they do every day to educate our children and for their commitment to help win this election.

 “My campaign is getting a great reception every place we go.  This is a major endorsement and another sign of the momentum we are feeling as we build a large and diverse grassroots campaign that is moving this campaign forward. I look forward to working with the UFT to win this campaign. Together, we can make a difference for families today, and for generations to come."